Musa catering services Prague – Banquet, cocktail, party

The following types of refreshments can be served on different occasions depending on the size and importance:

BANQUET - usually held on the occasion of a very important event (an opening party on the occasion of founding a company or a company`s foundation anniversary). The guests are welcome at the entrance by a waiter with welcome drink and finger food, cold and warm buffet is served on buffet tables as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The waiters provide service during the event, supply more food and drinks and carry away dirty dishes and glass.

COCKTAIL - suitable for smaller and shorter events (vernissage, press conference). The guests come and leave during the event and the waiters serve finger food on trays from where the guests pick it up.

PARTY - literally a celebration, party can mean banquet or cocktail with additional cultural programme – live music, dance, short performances, etc.

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